How To Plan A Video Project

Video production is a collaborative process that’s creative, complex and fast-paced. It requires attention to detail and a good deal of planning ahead. Understanding what goes into a successful production is key to developing outstanding video content for social media, film, and much more. 

Envato provides both burgeoning and professional video creators with comprehensive guides, creative resources, and support. No matter what type of video project, Envato Elements has video templates, music, sound effects, and more to help you make a world-class video. Discover our extensive library, learn from the best and join a global community of content creators and filmmakers.

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What is the Video Planning Process?

Whether you’re making YouTube content or a feature film, planning is essential. Explore the video planning process below.

1. Understand your target audience

Planning means understanding who your video project is for and researching your target audience. They are the people most likely to be interested in your film, product, or channel.

3. Write a production brief

Start with the purpose and aesthetic vision of your project. Then it’s time to determine your crew, budget, equipment, legal requirements, and deadlines.

2. Establish your objective

Next you’ll need to establish your overall purpose and objective for the project—for example, it might be creative, informational, or for marketing purposes.

4. Craft a video concept

Crafting a good video concept takes practice, skill, and time. Video concepts start with a great idea but need to consider every other aspect of production—from the purpose and format to the script and editing.

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Types of Video Projects

Video is an effective way to share information and tell a story. Here are some of the more popular types of video projects.

With more than 122 million daily users and 1 billion hours of content watched every day, YouTube is the perfect platform to get eyes on your videos.

People scroll through endless content on apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, so social media videos need to be short and engaging. 

News videos need to provide context in the form of images, footage, and text. They should be concise, fast-paced, and feature eye-catching visual material. 

Promotional videos are used in marketing for sales purposes, usually for a brand, product, or event. Advertising videos are highly stylized and visually eye-catching.

Brands, businesses, and YouTubers love video slides for presentation and promotion. Slideshows are easy to make and have a wide range of uses. 

Live action combines animated and photographic effects with real-life footage. It’s a popular choice for animation studios and filmmakers, offering unlimited possibilities.

In a music video, songs are paired with visual imagery to add aesthetic appeal and effect. These videos often complement an album or an artist’s personality. 

Explainers are great for businesses, corporate meetings, and classrooms. Animated effects make digesting large amounts of information much easier and a little less boring.

Documentaries diverge from narrative structure to document reality through artistic expression. It’s a highly regarded medium that requires a lot of research and filming.

How to Write a Video Script

Writing a video script can seem like a daunting task, but all it takes is a little practice!

Male and female videographers discussing video script with coffee and a laptop

1. First, identify your video format and your audience. Consider what they need and how best to reach them with your video.

2. Keep it simple—scripts shouldn’t be overworded and should be easy to understand. Make sure it has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

3. You need a hook. Start strong because the first few seconds are the most important for reeling your audience in. 

4. Good storytelling is all about building momentum. Well-told stories use imagination, emotion, and suspense to take their audience on a journey. 

5. Remember to include the visual elements of your video in the script—from music and camera angles to location and character directions.

How to Create a Storyboard for a Video

Storyboarding is a fun and visual way to map out a video project. The best part is—you don’t have to be a visual artist to do it.

When it comes to storyboarding, the expectation is for a basic outline of the scenes, it’s all about planning and communicating your artistic vision. So what is a video storyboard?

Storyboarding is a part of the pre-production process and shows what each scene of the video will look like. They look similar to a comic strip, with each square representing one scene and a section for corresponding text and graphics underneath.

Wondering how to create a storyboard for a video? Well, it can be done in four simple steps…

1. Create a template with evenly spaced boxes and room for text at the bottom. You can use physical or digital storyboards, it’s really up to you!

2. Add a small amount of text to each scene—either the script or some suggested dialogue. 

3. Sketch your story in whatever medium you are comfortable working with—it doesn’t have to be a work of art.  

4. Include additional notes like stage directions, music, or transitions. Remember you want anyone reading to visualize the final product.

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Video Production FAQs

Video production is the entire process of creating video content for distribution in film, television, social media, and more. It’s a competitive and thriving industry because brands and businesses need high-quality videos to reach their audience. Video production is a skill that industry experts take years to learn and build a network. 

Video production is made up of three distinct phases: Pre-production—where staff, scripts, production costs, and schedules are decided; Production—which involves filming and acting; and Post-Production—where you bring your commercial, film, or content to life. 

Video productions are long-haul projects that require a lot of thought and planning. Make sure to establish your objectives, research your audience and write a production brief. This is the time to consider your overall message and long-term deliverables. 

Pre-production involves screenwriters that write the initial script and producers that take care of logistics like location, contracts, and budget. Production includes the directors who have creative control and oversee filming; they need a team of art directors, cinematographers, actors, and costume designers. Editors take care of the post-production editing and sound design phase. 

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Types of Video Editing Software

Part of the planning process involves choosing a program to edit your project. Explore templates for all types of video editing software and learn how to use them below.

After Effects allows users to create amazing motion graphics, typography, and video effects. Templates are pre-made project files, that allow you to customize as you go. Browse our library.

Premiere Pro is an industry-standard, linear editing software, with a user-friendly interface perfect for both beginners and professionals. Explore thousands of templates now.

DaVinci Resolve is quickly becoming one of the most popular video editing software on the market. Explore our growing library of Resolve templates on Envato Elements.

If Apple’s non-linear editing software, Final Cut Pro, is your software of choice, we’ve got thousands ready to make the planning and editing processes easy. Browse our library.

Many Mac-loving video editors use Apple Motion to create broadcast-quality motion graphics and captivating visual effects. Streamline this process with video templates. Browse our library.

If you’re new to the world of video creating, an online editing software like PlaceIt may suit your needs. Explore video templates for brands, businesses, and social media channels.

Used in the Post Production Process

Post-production is when your video comes together and you’ll likely require a range of assets in this stage or creation.

Is your video missing something? Set the scene with clinking glasses, a cheering crowd, or something more obscure. Explore thousands of royalty-free sound effects now.

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