Personalize Your Video Content with Templates

Connecting with an audience is all about creating content that aligns with their needs, as well as your brand and products. Personalizing your video will enable you to provide a more targeted experience for potential customers, and showcase your unique style and personality.

No matter the kind of video you want to create, video templates are an easy solution for producing consistent and high-quality content. They’re a great starting point for your next creative project because they help to organize and streamline workflow. 

On Envato Elements there are literally thousands of templates you can choose from, including intro videos, lower thirds, titles, promos, and more. Nailing the video content for your brand or business has never been easier.


What Is Video Content Creation?

Content creation is an inbound marketing technique that involves designing valuable content to attract new customers and engage existing ones. Creators design and share ideas that are relevant to their audience in the form of blogs, images, emails, tweets, and yes—video! 

Videos are the most popular type of content on the internet, with 54% of consumers demanding more video content from businesses and brands they support. Now, the biggest challenge for businesses is creating high-quality content that can compete in this market.

To arm yourself for success, you’ll first need a video marketing strategy. Once you’ve created a plan, visit our video production guide and start the next phase of your project. 

Benefits of Video Templates

Complete flexibility

Access affordable creative assets that offer freedom and flexibility. Simply find your favorite and express your unique personality.


Repeat designs, colors, and fonts to achieve a cohesive brand identity without spending hours on consistency.

Save time

Anyone short on time can benefit from pre-made templates including motion graphics, text, color schemes, and audio. 

Trending Video Templates

Create personalized content that sticks. Explore captivating video templates currently trending on Envato Elements.

Create breathtaking sketches in a few simple steps. Sketch allows you to transform imagery and video into realistic artwork, and animate it for maximum impact.

Showcase your happy snaps in style with this dynamic video template. Simply drag and drop your media, replace text, and render—no plugins needed!

A modern and easy-to-use pack ready to give your video a professional touch. Enjoy over 490 transitions—from spins to zooms, glitch effects, pixelation and more.

Video Template Categories

Our templates can be used simultaneously to inspire amazing content. Explore some of the more common types of video templates below. 

A video should start with a strong opener to establish pace, tone, and style. Remember the first few seconds are vital to engage your audience.

An outro is a grand finale for your piece, and it’s just as important as the start. It’s the last thing your audience will see, so make it memorable.

Promotional videos should be exciting and polished with a concise message and recognizable branding. Easily customize a template to suit your individual needs.

Introduce your video with eye-catching and unique title templates. Choose from kinetic, animated, glitchy, fast typography, 3D text, and many more.

Add extra information and context with seamless and attractive lower third templates. Easily apply broadcast-quality graphic overlays with custom text in just one click. 

Make your logo pop with a fun and energetic animated reveal. Showcase your distinct brand identity with these high-quality and completely customizable templates.

Social Media Video Templates

Find the perfect social media video templates and stay in charge of your content and deliverables. 

Start making Instagram content that counts. Use templates to produce videos like a pro, increase your following and build better brand awareness. 

TikTok is a must-have for influencers and brands wanting to level up their marketing. Stand out with our stunning and easy-to-use TikTok video templates. 

YouTube templates are perfect for regular contributors, as you can guarantee consistency across your channel and keep viewers engaged with professional results.

Video Templates by Industry

Professional marketers, micro influencers and everyone in between can take advantage of our variety of video templates.

Celebrate your special day with a curated video. From digital invitations to slideshows or heartwarming intros, it’s easy to create a bespoke wedding video with templates. 

Reach your PB with fitness-focused video templates. Take a look at our epic intros and all-inclusive packs and start creating promo content for your brand, gym, or team. 

Templates feature amazing pre-made motion graphics to grab attention and showcase important information. Create broadcast-quality news with professional video templates.

Video is an important medium for artists to express themselves and connect with followers. Boost your visibility, personality, and style with an eye-catching music video. 

Templates make video design easy, so you can spend more time creating your next masterpiece. Create hype for your restauarant with mouthwatering videos. 

E-Commerce is essential for brands wanting to compete in a highly competitive market. Pitch your idea and engage followers with trending designs and industry-specific templates.

Documentary templates are multipurpose assets used by filmmakers, students, and businesses. Stay organized and streamline your workflow with professionally-made assets.

Make your event count with an exciting promo video! Applying templates will add a professional quality to your content, boost engagement and show people what to expect. 

Be bold with creative design templates made specifically for fashion designers. Choose from thousands of dynamic styles to showcase your latest event, product, or channel. 

Browse by Video Trends

Keep your finger on the pulse and check out our top trending video types for this year. 

Need a powerful and energetic video? Try glitch templates—you can create exciting openers, transitions, and text with accompanying audio effects.

Brands can use brutalist templates to curate fearless and attention-grabbing content. Featuring bold elements and dark color grading, these designs pack a punch. 

Coordinate your video content with rhythmic beats and prominent text. Stomp video templates will keep your audience at the edge of their seat! 

Sometimes less really is more. Minimalist videos are a simple way to share your message, plus audiences find them attractive and easy to understand.

Monochrome templates are a design staple. Simple color grading stands out on social media, and the minimal and fluid design can suit any project.

Animated videos have a wide reach, appealing to both young and old audiences. With quirky and fun appeal, animated videos can boost sales and engagement. 

Slideshows are the most popular medium for presentations in corporate settings, business, and education. Keep your viewers’ attention with dynamic slide templates.

Add a vintage aesthetic to your next video with retro texts, transitions, and colors. These templates may look old, but they are absolutely cutting edge.

Stand out from the crowd. Psychedelic colors, abstract shapes, and unusual motion graphics will give your next video a distinctive and recognizable feel.

How to Customize a Video Template

Templates are sample videos that act as a framework for creators to add their own footage and customize effects. Learn how to adjust your selected template in a few easy steps.

For the purpose of this guide, let’s say you are using Premiere Pro. The first step is to browse the Envato Elements library and download a compatible template, plus any digital assets you need. Import your video template into Premiere Pro and start adjusting features to suit your video brief—colors, fonts, text, and background. Make sure the video aesthetic, timing, and pace match your script and brand identity.

How to Customize a Video Template

Video Template Tutorials

Videographers, influencers, and marketers can all benefit from the huge number of tutorials available for video editing.

Trailers are essential to building audience, anticipation and excitement for your film. Discover how to create an intriguing trailer in this tutorial from Envato Tuts+.

Vertical video is essential to any modern marketing strategy, but it doesn’t have to mean spending thousands. Learn how to make a simple vertical video kit in this helpful tutorial.

When it comes to complex topics, infographic videos are a great way to educate, inform, and entertain—and they’re certainly more engaging than traditional presentations!

Video Template Collections

Need a great template but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of staple templates every creator should know about.  

Try using these top 10 TikTok templates to engage your followers. We’ve also collated the essential stats and top tips every TikToker should know about. 

Instagram Stories are essential for boosting authority and building a following. Engage your audience and create consistent content with these top templates. 

Keep your subscribers on their toes with these top YouTube shorts templates. Download these dynamic templates and customize with music, effects, captions, and more.  

Kinetic typography is taking the world by storm. Easily apply this effect with templates—the motion graphics are in-built and ready to use.

Share your favorite moments with loved ones. Each of these top wedding slideshow templates for After Effects has adjustable transitions, colors, text, and graphics.

Infographics are handy tools that deliver information about current issues, industry statistics, philanthropic work, or environmental concerns. Explore our favorites now.

Video Content Creation FAQs

Ignite your interest and discover how to nail content creation by reading these frequently asked questions. 

Professional editors use programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve on projects from large-scale movie productions to high-level video content for marketing. Experts have taken years to hone their skills and often use multiple programs across one project. 

Professional editors use programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve on projects from large-scale movie productions to high-level video content for marketing. Experts have taken years to hone their skills and often use multiple programs across one project. 

Once you open a video template in your preferred editing software, the file will appear as layers in your control panel. Work your way through the effects files and adjust them as you go, the text, color, graphics, and transitions can be deleted or customized on top of your raw footage.

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Anyone who needs a cost-effective editing solution should look at the free templates available through Mixkit. Search the curated collection of amazing designs, transitions, and templates compatible with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. 

More on Video Making

Find the tools professional video editors and creators use and start organizing your video content. 

Learn the ins and outs of video design and editing from industry professionals. Our tailored guides can provide the foundation for your next video project.

Stay up-to-date with professionally-created templates. Every design unique and formatted specifically for social media to ensure your feed is seamless.

Find the right video editing software for your project and get a head start with expert guides. Enhance your skills with our templates and design ideas. 

Types of Video Editing Software

Once you’ve planned your project and shot the required footage it’s time to collate this content into an engaging video using your choice of video editing software.

Create your own motion graphics and effects, without spending hours building from scratch. Templates are completely customizable, so your work will always be unique.

Take your video editing to the next level with Premiere Pro templates. Improve your techniques, save time and learn from experts by using professionally-built templates.

More and more video creators are making the leap to DaVinci Resolve. If this is your editing software of choice, we have a growing library of templates to make production seamless.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is widely used by professionals and hobbyists alike. No matter what your skillset or familiarity with the program, templates can make editing easy.

Build professional-quality motion graphics with this powerful compositing tool. To save you time in production, we’ve got thousands of templates to make editing quick and easy.

Don’t want to commit to professional editing software just yet? With PlaceIt’s Express Video Maker, you can create high-quality video projects in minuteswithin your browser.

Used With Video Templates

Envato Elements is your one-stop shop for creative assets, unlocking stock music, footage, sound effects, and more.

Video content needs a catchy beat to get people excited and grab attention. Search our extensive library of royalty-free tracks and add high-quality background music. 

Save time and money on production costs and use broadcast-quality stock footage. Think travel, lifestyle, aerial footage, or animation, all available under one commercial license. 

Set the mood, tone and emphasize important parts of your video with high-quality sound effects. Check out the free effects available with an Envato Elements subscription. 

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