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The Ultimate YouTube Guide

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things YouTube! Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced YouTuber, we’ve got everything to create and manage a successful channel—from banner designs, video templates, and royalty-free music to quick tips, tutorials, and step-by-step guides.

We’ll begin by covering the basics, including choosing a niche, planning content, and selecting the best camera, microphone, and lighting equipment. Plus, we’ll share all the tips, assets, and inspiration you need to create and grow a highly engaged subscriber base. This includes an all-access pass to achieving professional-quality content, creativity, and consistency across your channel with Envato Elements–a subscription for creators.

Learn more, and continue through our comprehensive YouTube Guide and arm yourself with everything you need to become a YouTube pro.

Why YouTube?

Did you know YouTube is home to more than two billion active users? Or that the most viewed YouTube video (Pinkfong’s Baby Shark) has upwards of 10 billion views—and counting? If those stats don’t convince you to start a YouTube channel, we don’t know what will!

YouTube represents a huge opportunity for brands, businesses, and individuals to reach new audiences, share information, and make money. Music artists can share new songs and lyric videos with fans, small businesses can launch new products and announce promotions, and influencers can tell stories and engage with followers across the globe. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After securing 1,000 subscribers and gaining 4,000 watch hours, users can then start to monetize their content through the YouTube Partner Program, and potentially turn a side hustle into a full-time job.

Benefits of YouTube

Reach new audiences

Businesses, brands, and individuals can access more than two billion active users around the world on YouTube.

Monetize your content

Create ads, collaborate with businesses and influencers, and join the YouTuber Partner Program to generate revenue.

Show your brand’s personality

Share the faces and personalities behind your brand to build meaningful connections with your potential customers.

Your YouTube Toolkit

Envato Elements is your ultimate YouTube toolkit. Find everything you need to take your channel from zero to hero.
Ready to become a YouTuber? Find everything you need to start a successful channel on Envato Elements—including expert tips, trending templates, and royalty-free assets.
Choosing a niche is arguably the most important part of starting a YouTube channel. Determine the right genre and style for your channel with this helpful guide.
Content is king, especially on YouTube! Make sure yours is up to scratch with this collection of tips, tutorials, and resources from Envato Elements.
Lights, camera, action! Discover everything you need to set up a YouTube studio and start recording—we’ll cover off cameras, microphones, lighting kits, and more.
Explore the differences between popular video editing software, including Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and DaVinci Resolve—and determine which one is best suited to you.
Your channel is complete and your first video is live. Now it’s time to focus on growing your subscriber base—armed with these top tips from our expert team!

YouTube Templates

Producing engaging videos is easier than ever with YouTube templates that will have your subscribers coming back for more. Find inspiration below, then start creating!

Opener Templates

A show-stopping opener is essential for grabbing and holding your audience’s attention. Nail your intro with these top opener templates.
With six versions to choose from and no plug-ins required, any and all YouTubers can make the most of this dynamic animated opener template.
Stylish, fast, and dynamic. This rhythmic intro template combines photos, glitch transitions, and animated text for an eye-catching and memorable effect.
This powerful template works as an opener or trailer. Use it to showcase the breadth of content on your channel and make a strong first impression.

Lower Thirds Templates

Reinforce your brand, share information, and add context with these professionally-designed lower thirds templates.
Save time in production with these self-resizing lower thirds. Use them to add context, encourage subscribes, and promote your other social channels.
With a bold modern design, these lower thirds are perfect for brand videos, tutorials, and vlogs. Plus, the pack includes bonus typography, titles, and transitions.
Call out important information with ease. Designed for the Adobe suite, this template features three styles and easy customization options for quick and effective lower thirds.

YouTube Banner Templates

Level up your channel with a professionally-designed YouTube banner. Explore the top banner templates from Envato Elements.
A modern and minimal banner design, perfect for vloggers. Customize colors, fonts, shapes, and images in Photoshop or Illustrator before uploading to your channel.
Transform your channel and capture new subscribers with this simple, yet professional banner design—perfect for YouTube fitness influencers and instructors.
Stand out with this clean and colorful banner template. Simply drop in your imagery, social media handles, and other key information, then upload to YouTube.

YouTube Music and Sound

Don’t lose sleep worrying about music licensing. Envato Elements’ music tracks are 100% creator safe so YouTubers can use them with confidence.

Sound Effects

From message tones to gaming noises and nature sounds, explore trending YouTube audio effects from Envato Elements.
A quick effect that can be used to indicate an incoming message, phone alert, or completed download. Perfect for openers, gaming videos, and tutorials.
A dreamy sound that can be used across a range of YouTube videos—from tutorials to vlogs, hauls, gaming videos, and cinematic short films.

Royalty-Free Music

Produced by expert composers and musicians, these royalty-free music tracks will help you grab attention.
This energetic track is the perfect accompaniment to a YouTube opener or trailer. Pair it with fast typography and quick transitions for ultimate impact.
Keep it light and breezy with this easy-listening pop track! Use the full song or take a sample to pair with a photo montage, intro, or advertisement.
A fast-paced and upbeat tune that works equally well as a backing track or hero song. Perfect for vlogs, advertisements, and tutorial videos.

YouTube FAQs

To get paid on YouTube, you’ll need to pay attention to your watch hours, rather than video views. Once you’ve hit 4,000 watch hours (and 1,000 subscribers), you’ll be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program to start monetizing your channel.

YouTube offers a 30-day free trial for premium. After this, it costs US$11.99 per month.Prices and offers may vary by geo.

Uploading to YouTube is simple—in fact, you can actually upload multiple videos at a time if necessary. To upload a video, click on the camera icon at the top right of your browser and select Upload Video. Select your video file(s) or drag and drop onto the window and add your video to start the upload process. 

While you’re waiting, fill in the required details, add a video title description, and custom thumbnail and save your video to the required playlist. Make sure your video is set to Public if you’re looking to grow your audience. Once your upload is complete, you’ll receive a notification with a link to your published video.

YouTube has strict rules around music usage. If you’re planning on using copyrighted music, you will need to have permission from the original creator otherwise you may receive a copyright notice and have your video removed from YouTube.

To avoid this situation, many YouTubers rely on royalty-free music tracks, like those available in the Envato Elements library. All audio downloads from Envato Elements come with a license certificate, which means that should a copyright claim arise on any of your videos, you can simply upload the certificate and remove the notice immediately.

Why YouTubers Love Envato Elements

Transparent Quotation Marks
If Batman was an artist, Envato Elements would be his Batarang. It’s the most effective tool I use when prepping a new piece of art or a video. The graphics, video templates, sound effects, and music assets are useful to any budding YouTuber wanting to add a professional polish to their new channel or video.

Phase Runner

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The best thing about Envato Elements for YouTubers is the easy licensing, and unlimited downloads for each new project. Plus, you can use it for any type of video! Elements just takes that extra stress away from having to spend hours designing something new. Creators today don’t have time for that, or they need to hire someone to do it for them.

Premiere Gal
– YouTuber

Why You'll Love Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads

When we say unlimited we mean it. Download as many digital assets as you like, as often as you need.

Simple licensing for YouTube

All assets are royalty-free and covered by one simple license so you can create content with confidence.

Premium quality

Our creative assets are professionally made by expert creators. Every item is unique and fully customizable.

New assets added daily

Deliver on-trend projects with access to our library. With new items added daily, there’s always something to inspire.

One subscription.
Unlimited downloads.

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