How to Choose a YouTube Niche

One of the most important parts of starting a YouTube channel is choosing a niche. Your niche literally informs everything—from the type of content you cover to the style of video you create—and will help you determine who your audience is and how successful your channel becomes. There’s a lot riding on this decision!

That’s where Envato comes in. We provide both successful and aspiring YouTubers with comprehensive guides, creative resources, and support when it comes to choosing a niche and starting a YouTube channel. Whether you’re brand new to YouTube or you’re looking to rebrand an existing channel, our extensive library of resources will help you on your path to success.

What is a Niche on YouTube?

A niche is a category or genre that YouTubers focus their content on. Niches can be as broad or specific as creators like, with popular choices including gaming, food, music, fashion, and beauty. Once you’ve chosen a niche, you can communicate it with your audience through visual cues like channel art, thumbnails, openers, and logo reveals.

If you’re looking for niche-specific templates and customizable YouTube assets, access to a creative library like Envato Elements is a must-have. With a monthly or annual subscription, you can enjoy unlimited downloads of video and graphic templates, royalty-free audio, and more to help cement your niche, target the right kind of subscribers and grow your channel.

Types of YouTube Niches

Looking for inspiration? Explore some of the most popular niches on YouTube.
Whether you’re a restaurant connoisseur or love to dabble in new culinary creations, whipping up a food channel means you can release your inner chef while potentially returning a profit. Foodies on YouTube share recipes, cooking tips, venue recommendations, and more.
If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new skill, chances are you’ve ended up on YouTube. Tutorial channels are hugely popular on YouTube, and how-to videos are a great way to share knowledge, establish authority, and grow your business (whatever your specialist subject).
Gaming is one of the most competitive niches on YouTube, so standing out from the competition requires focus and consistency. Using enticing creatives including channel art, thumbnails, and openers is one way to encourage views and bring in more subscribers.
Music is the most viewed category on YouTube and is a mainstay of the platform. If you’re a talented musician, singer, DJ, or can spin up a sound playlist, this is the niche for you. Share your instrumental skills, release a new track, or publish a crowd-pleasing cover with ease.
If you’re knowledgeable about fashion and styling or you can throw together a chic outfit on a whim, fashion may be the avenue for you. In a competitive niche like this, it’s important to be consistent and dress your channel for success with stylish design and branding.
A vlog is essentially a video blog. If you don’t enjoy writing but have an important message to share, vlogging may be the perfect choice for your channel. A vlog is all about you, so it’s important to address the camera with confidence to capture your audience.

Trending Templates for Gaming Channels

Ready to start a gaming channel? These trending templates will give you a headstart!
Gain instant recognition as a gamer with this customizable banner template—featuring bold typography and design options for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Everything you need in one handy pack! Explore logo reveals, lower thirds, end cards, and transitions for a consistent and professional gaming channel.
Grab attention and encourage views with this modern thumbnail template. Simply customize with your colors, logo, and imagery, and add to your video during upload. 

Trending Templates for Tutorial Channels

Explore the top tutorial templates that will streamline production and allow you to focus on the content.
A simple template that’s perfect for motion graphics designers, video editors, and developers. Teach your subscribers how to use specific software and templates with ease.
A pretty-in-pink template designed to grab attention. YouTubers with makeup tutorial channels can use these customizable thumbnail designs to encourage clicks and views.
Showcase your channel with this colorful promo. With bright backgrounds, animated typography, and motion graphics, this template is sure to grab attention.

Trending Templates for Music Channels

Explore trending music video templates to help your YouTube performance top the charts.
Create a captivating and memorable opener for your channel with this specialized template—featuring still images, animations, and eye-catching transitions for effect.
DJs, songwriters, and musicians will love this clean and professional channel art template. Choose from three creative layouts, and stylish light or dark designs.
Create a music video in minutes, with this easy-to-use template. Featuring animated text, glitch effects, quirky transitions, and a video tutorial in case you get stuck!

How to Find Your Niche on YouTube

Struggling to find your niche on YouTube? Explore our step-by-step guide below.

1. Consider your interests

A successful YouTube channel requires many hours of research, filming, and editing so it’s important that you have a genuine interest in what you’re creating. This means you won’t become bored after only a few videos, and you can continue making content for years to come.

2. Evaluate your expertise

Is there something you know more about than anyone else? Perhaps you’re skilled in a particular instrument, game, or sport? This may be your niche. Choosing a niche based on your expertise can help you stand out against less experienced competitors and win over subscribers.

3. Determine your goals

Consider what you want to achieve with your channel and choose a niche that serves this purpose. If making money is your main objective, you’ll want to find a profitable niche and ensure you can compete. If education is your goal, you might look for a gap in the market.

4. Explore trending niches

If you haven’t been able to select a niche based on your interests or expertise, the next step is to explore trending niches. Do some research on the most popular YouTube content, watch some trending videos, and analyze successful YouTubers to see if anything sparks an interest.

5. Research your competition

By this point, you’ve probably narrowed your options down to just a few. Now it’s time to research your competition to determine how many views their videos normally receive, how many subscribers they have, and whether there is enough interest in this niche for you to succeed.

6. Test your idea

Before you fully commit to a niche, come up with a list of video ideas to see just how sustainable your channel will be. It’s also worth creating a few preliminary videos to test out the idea—you’ll know pretty quickly whether or not the niche is for you after recording and editing a video.

How to Appeal To Your Niche

Viewers expect certain things from the niches they love. Find out how to incorporate these elements and appeal to your niche.

One of the benefits of choosing a niche is tapping into an existing audience who are hungry for content. But in order to appeal to this audience, you’ll need to incorporate the clear signals, design elements, and video tropes associated with the particular niche you’re targetting. For example, viewers will expect a documentary video to include a selection of lower thirds, while a tutorial video is generally split into steps or sections separated by transitions, typography, or music.

Professionally-designed YouTube assets and templates can help you incorporate these elements into your videos with ease. From banners to thumbnail designs, video templates, and royalty-free music tracks, these elements can help you establish your niche and communicate it to your audience from the second they land on your channel.

How to Get Started on YouTube

Start and grow a successful YouTube channel with tips, templates, and resources from Envato Elements.
Ready to create your own YouTube channel? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide with everything you’ll need to know to get started.
Planning your YouTube content before getting stuck into production means better-quality videos on your channel. Explore tips, resources, and tools to help with planning.
While you can start a YouTube channel with a smartphone, professional filming equipment will help you take it to the next level. Discover the best equipment here.
Now that you’ve created your channel and chosen a niche, it’s time to grow your following. Learn how to engage your existing followers and appeal to new ones.

YouTube FAQs

Some of the most profitable niches on YouTube are gaming, beauty, fashion, food and cooking, fitness and nutrition, and product reviews. While there is an opportunity to make money in all of these niches, remember—every YouTube channel is different and will have a completely different CPM (or cost per 1,000 impressions) potential depending on the number of subscribers your channel has and your average view count.

While a niche isn’t compulsory, choosing one overarching theme or topic for your channel will help you target the right audience and get the views you need to monetize your content and become a pro YouTuber. YouTuber channels without a niche run the risk of being too broad or general to appeal to any one subscriber base.

A good YouTube niche is sustainable. YouTubers create many hours of content each year so it’s important that your niche excites you now and will continue to hold your interest into the future. The best niches are also tailored to your goals—for example, if you’re intending to turn your YouTube channel into a lucrative career, your niche should be highly profitable. Similarly, if your channel is a passion project, your niche should be in something you’re truly passionate about.

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