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You found 44,147 “pleased” photos

Delighted young woman talking with her gynecologist, sitting on the gynecological chair
Pleased young patient listening to her doctor

Young nail master polishing male client fingernail with nail buffer at the table
Pleased manicurist doing nail buffing to man
Image of pleased young woman posing over grey wall outdoors while looking camera.
Pleased young woman posing over grey wall

Pleased multiracial male friends resting and fishing on river or lake coast. Concept of leisure, hobby and weekend in nature. Idea of friendship and spending time together. View from the waterside
Pleased male friends resting and fishing in nature

Pleased African American Guy Listening Music In Wireless Headphones At Home, Happy Black Millennial Male Sitting On Couch With Closed Eyes, Enjoying Favorite Playlist And Domestic Leisure, Closeup
Pleased African American Guy Listening Music In Wireless Headphones At Home

Contented young man having dinner with a lady while professional waitress in mask serving them sushi
Pleased gentleman and his date being served sushi at restaurant
Pleased young woman enjoys new route on bicycle, rides among lake, green lawn and buildings far away into distance, wears summer shades, casual outfit, white sneakers, being in good physical shape
Pleased woman enjoys new route on bicycle, rides among lake

Waist-up photo of a positive mother standing with her yellow luggage suitcase and watching her son with red hair
Pleased middle-aged woman looking at a child

Kind aged man keeping smile on his face while doing morning procedure in bathroom
Pleased male person with disability holding toothbrush

Happy blonde woman keeping smile on her face while embracing on her husband
Pleased little girl standing near her parents

Waist-up portrait of smiling saleswoman working on her notebook computer during phone call
Pleased focused young salesperson typing on laptop

Hiker chilling out in hammock with hot tea at the end of day while camping in the woods beside lake
Pleased female traveller relaxing with drink in hammock

Smiling joyful female with smartphone in her hand leaning on shoulder of cheerful man
Joyous lady with gadget and pleased guy in kitchen

Happy young man seated at notebook computer smiling at his colleague during tea break
Pleased male drinking herbal beverage with his coworker

Female traveler clicking on her mobile phone while standing in empty departure lounge of business terminal
Pleased businesswoman in airport dialing number on smartphone

Smiling happy young female passenger in headset speaking into mike during helicopter flight
Pleased woman in noise-canceling headphones sitting in chopper

Smiling contented dark-haired African American florist looking at a beautiful exotic plant in her hands
Pleased floral decorator preparing a succulent for planting

Kind male person sitting at the table while drinking tea with his partner
Pleased female person sitting on her wheelchair
Pleased attractive lady focused on unpacking things
Image of pleased ginger girl posing and looking at camera
Beautiful pleased woman drinking juice while standing
Pleased woman with smartphone and busy man with laptop
Pleased woman giving a look at her boyfriend
Pleased woman unpacking things in her new home
Pleased blonde lady with coffee cup lounging at cafe
Beautiful young pleased couple drinking coffee and hugging indoors
Pleased relaxed woman and serene young man at home
Beautiful pleased woman working with laptop while having breakfast
Photo of pleased multinational couple reading book and using laptop
Beautiful pleased woman drinking juice while having breakfast
Pleased concentrated male customer selecting private helicopter
Please take your order and enjoy this hot beverage
Pleased entrepreneur shaking his colleague hand near helicopter
Pleased pretty redhead woman learns educational course on laptop computer
Pleased lady in business attire checking her phone updates
Image of brunette cute pleased woman using laptop and smiling
Pleased young guy using mobile phone while walking on promenade
Beautiful pleased woman drinking coffee while leaning on window glass
Pleased athletic woman focused into distance stays active leads healthy lifestyle
Pleased attractive woman with dark hair, healthy soft skin, drinks coffee in morning
Pleased active European woman with curly bushy hair, spends weekend riding bicycle
Pleased young female model concentrated at laptop screen wears bathrobe and towel on head
Pleased male director checks personal organizer via smartphone waits for message or call
Pleased female poses at coworking space, uses wireless internet connection, has online communication
Pleased athletic woman in sportsclothes smiles cheerfully surfs mobile phone while listens music
Pleased cheerful female economist develops financial startup project, poses in office interior
Pleased female carries her favourite dog, drinks hot coffee from paper cup
Pleased beautiful woman indoors at home sitting on floor near bed in a bedroom reading book.
Pleased european woman office worker writing christmas letter, greeting card with holiday wishes
Pleased sporty woman focused at smartphone checks how many calories she burnt after jogging exercise
Please no
This way please
Pleased with himself.
Pleased with the cook
On this side, please
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Pleased female child playing with the beagle