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You found 475 “prickle” photos

Closeup of smooth surface of green exotic opuntia microdasys plant covered with abundance of small yellow glochids with short spikes
Green cactus with yellow prickles

European hedgehog, erinaceus europaeus, with protective prickles hiding in leafs in autumn forest. Wild nocturnal mammal with snout in wilderness
European hedgehog with protective prickles hiding in leafs
background of brown and white hedgehog spines close up. natural animal abstract backdrop of mantle with prickles of a hedgehog
background of hedgehog spines close up. natural animal abstract backdrop of mantle with prickles
Beautiful close up of a little cactus
Beautiful close up of a little cactus
Globe thistle flower close up
Globe thistle flower close up
Thorn spike close-up monochrome winter abstract background
Thorn spike close-up winter background
Close up of thorn tree with thorny trunk.
Turkey resort

Raw organic cucumbers in a bowl. Organic vegetables
Raw organic cucumbers
by Vell
Autumn concept with Chestnuts and corn on wooden board
Autumn concept with Chestnuts and corn
Plants and flowers: cactus close-up shot, natural abstract background
Cactus close-up shot
Purple flowers with sunrise at morning.
Purple flowers at morning
by RK1919
Silybum marianum.Wild medicinal plant thistle on retro wooden background
milk thistle flower
Tiny Cactus with Magenta Blooming Flowers in the Pot on Light Background. Conceptual image, Creative Minimalism
Tiny Blooming Cactus in the Pot
by Manuta
Little vintage pin cushion†with flower paint placed on wooden desk
Pin cushion on wooden board
A small green cactus with bright orange spines is photographed up close in high detail.
Spines of a Small Cactus Up Close
Women's  hand stinging by a thorn. Dangerous concept
Hedgehog in natural habitat
Pots of cactuses on shelf
Little hedgehog portrait
pink milk thistle flower
Cactus Houseplant Collection Decoration Set
Western European Hedgehog (Erinaceus) curled up into a ball
Cactus close up
Salar de Copiasa, Chile
Oil of milk thistle
by SeDmi
Closeup of gardeners hand working the soil under rose bush, spring gardening
raw chesnuts
Close up of Agave Palmeri Plant, California
Green round tropical cactus plants with sharp spines growing on a ground covered with pebble stones
Christmas decoration wreath of green leaves and berries holly ilex plant with letter Merry Christmas
Lovely hedgehog or Erinaceus roumanicus on grass
Beautiful purple burdock flowers. Summer morning. Summer nature
Stinging nettle leaves background
Stormy Scottish Thistle
Cactus ball echinocactus grusonii in garden. Succulent golden barrel cactus close up
Green cactus plant close up.
Close up of hedgehog needles spine macro texture background
Prickly pear opuntia cactus nopal
Thicket of colorful succulent plant
A little hedgehog in a forest walking in autumn
by Unai82
stinging nettle background texture, top view, close up
by Fasci
Cucumbers On The Vine In Garden
Mt Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand
domesticated hedgehog scampering around the house
Twigs and thorns of tumbleweed as background
Bur Plant
by nzooo
Sneaky giggle
Camel thorn closeup.
Beautiful close up of a little cactus
Thorn spikes, close up
Cactus 🌵
Rose multicolored perennial flowering plant. Blur background.
by rawf8
green cactus and finger pricked on the needle on a yellow background
Close-up of a tree trunk with thorns and pink flowers in Egypt, Africa
Globe thistle flowers toned in blue
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