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Super Forms - Calculator Add-on

Super Forms - Calculator Add-on
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General plugin description:
With this Add-on for Super Forms you can create advanced calculation forms based on the user input. Make awesome booking and order forms or create complex estimation forms. It is as easy as doing normal mathematics.

This add-on will extend Super Forms with an extra element named: Calculator

With this element you can show the end-user a live price based on math entered on the element. Example calculations that you can do are with or without {tags} e.g:

{tag} calculations:

  • {field1}*{field2}
  • ({field1}/{field2})*1.5
  • {field1}-{field2}
  • {field1}+{field2}
  • Math.pow({field1}, 0.5)

Available Math() calculations:

  • Math.abs(x) - returns the absolute value of a number
  • Math.acos(x) - returns the arccosine (in radians) of a number
  • Math.acosh(x) - returns the hyperbolic arc-cosine of a number
  • Math.asin(x) - returns the arcsine (in radians) of a number
  • Math.asinh(x) - returns the hyperbolic arcsine of a number
  • Math.atan(x) - returns the arctangent (in radians) of a number
  • Math.atan2(y, x) -returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments
  • Math.atanh(x) -returns the hyperbolic arctangent of a number
  • Math.cbrt(x) -returns the cube root of a number
  • Math.ceil(x) -returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to a given number
  • Math.clz32(x) -returns the number of leading zero bits in the 32-bit binary representation of a number
  • Math.cos(x) -returns the cosine of a number
  • Math.cosh(x) -returns the hyperbolic cosine of a number
  • Math.floor(x) -returns the largest integer less than or equal to a given number
  • Math.fround(x) -returns the nearest single precision float representation of a number
  • Math.hypot(a, b, c) -returns the square root of the sum of squares of its arguments,
  • Math.imul(a, b) -returns the result of the C-like 32-bit multiplication of the two parameters
  • Math.log(x) -returns the natural logarithm (base e) of a number
  • Math.log10(x) -returns the base 10 logarithm of a number
  • Math.log1p(x) -returns the natural logarithm (base e) of 1 + a number
  • Math.log2(x) -returns the base 2 logarithm of a number
  • Math.max(a, b, c) -returns the largest of zero or more numbers
  • Math.min(a, b, c) -returns the smallest of zero or more numbers
  • Math.pow(base, exponent) -returns the base to the exponent power
  • Math.random() -returns a floating-point, pseudo-random number in the range [0, 1]
  • Math.round(x) -returns the value of a number rounded to the nearest integer
  • Math.sign(x) -returns the sign of a number, indicating whether the number is positive, negative or zero
  • Math.sin(x) -returns the sine of a number
  • Math.sinh(x) -returns the hyperbolic sine of a number
  • Math.sqrt(x) -returns the square root of a number
  • Math.tan(x) -returns the tangent of a number
  • Math.tanh(x) -returns the hyperbolic tangent of a number
  • Math.trunc(x) -returns the integer part of a number by removing any fractional digits


  • Super Forms version 3.3 or higher
  • PHP version 5.4 or higher
  • WordPress version 3.9 or higher

Oct 16, 2017 - Version 1.8.0

  • Changed: made plugin ready for Envato Elements
  • Fix: replaced .data('value') with .attr('data-value') because data is no longer being used to save the calculator value
    • Updates included
    • Personalized support not included
  • File Types

  • Compatible Versions

    Tested up to version 4.8
  • Additions

    • Responsive
    • Retina ready
  • Commercial License

    Further Information

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