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Techiz | IT Solutions & Services Company Elementor Template Kit

Techiz | IT Solutions & Services Company Elementor Template Kit
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Enjoy all the benefits of an Envato Elements subscription - free for 7 days:
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Techiz is a modern and clean Elementor Template Kit that is perfect for those who want to create a professional-looking WordPress-based website for IT Solutions & Services Company, Technology, Startup, Software, SaaS, Web Agency, IT Company, and any kind of IT-related business. This template has a professional design with a 100% responsive layout, is retina-ready, and is very easy to customize because using Elementor so you don’t need a single line of coding!

This template kit includes stunning carefully crafted 10 stunning templates, you can build your professional-looking company business website just a click away.

All Features

  • No coding Needed, styles and effects are done within Elementor planel.
  • 10 great-looking pages to build a business startup website real quick.
  • Responsive Elementor Template Kits for professionals
  • Fully compatible with Elementor free version
  • No Elementor Pro needed
  • With the Global Theme Style you can rest assured the design is consistence across all pages
  • Drag & Drop Page Building with Elementor
  • Images not included

Main Features Techiz offers neat, clean, and professional template to create WordPress websites. You will need Elementor Pro as the premium plugin before being able to use this webpage-building kit. The whole package includes several main features, which are:

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Career Page
  • Career Detail Page
  • Contact Page
  • FAQ Page
  • Pricing Page
  • vices Page
  • Services Detail Page
  • Team Page


  • This is not wordpress theme, it is Elementor template kits.
  • What is the Elementor Template Kits? The Elementor Template Kits is a library which contains over 10 pre-designed page templates, as well as templates that were saved by the user. The Library allows you to quickly create designed pages and customize them to be your own, saving you from building all pages from scratch.


This Template Kit uses demo images from Envato Elements. You will need to license these images from Envato Elements to use them on your website, or you can substitute them with your own.

  • https://elements.envato.com/image-BC5PNT4
  • https://elements.envato.com/78-fintech-line-icons-T6GM85
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-6WU4DJS
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-ZDAJYRU
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PZGBMFN
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-D66YPSR
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-X35A6GZ
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-ZQCSV5P
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-LQ3SKBA
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-V48DA42
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-6G9V222
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-9ZK3QTW
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-JRGH8V4
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PCXJHSB
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-P2A62AF
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-3L9NTWD
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-UQ7D6HY
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-FEJZA4W
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-X3RAR2F
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-X35A6GZ
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PDYVAN7
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-4EDWAGC
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-9ZK3QTW
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-JRGH8V4
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PCXJHSB
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-WAVFU6N
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PPXR7XZ
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PXWVSU3
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PD6ABZV
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PSRLG7A
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-GPVMGSD
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-MJQ26SV
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-VQS3EPG
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-G3X6FDC
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-2A782XM
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-4X2BG8P
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-W446HGU
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-K8GH7QJ
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-3DSJW8P
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-3NXK67C
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-EHYKK8V
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-9V4TAUN
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-R3WBLPG
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-D7C4K4C
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-6LXJACE
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PU55ZKT
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-P5S4MWT
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PFMB3S2
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-DDXVR4X
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-BL3TC7Q
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-57FLWVQ
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PR6GHS5
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-MRKE7EB
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PEY46M3
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-QRSTNGA
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PPTPARQ
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-P4TCT8Q
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-G8BU3H2
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-7R45QMY
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-6QVS46F
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PBK55PK
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-E7HSFZ3
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PUZ48EM
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-BJZJGCD
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PCAEQZP
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-P8AMQTB
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PCD33AX
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-CETBU43
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PH87VX7
  • https://elements.envato.com/image-PU5QDLH
  • https://elements.envato.com/the-logos-60-SYXSJF
  • Updates included
    Personalized support not included
  • Compatible With

    Elementor Pro, Elementor
  • Compatible Versions

    Elementor 3.0.x, Elementor 3.1.x
  • Commercial License

    Further Information

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