How to Become a UX Designer: Top 10 UX Design Tutorials on Tuts+ 

Want to dive into UX design? Check out these top 10 UX design tutorials to develop your skills.

UX Design Tuts Roundup
Portrait for Lachean HumphreysBy Lachean Humphreys  |  Updated July 28, 2023

UX design is now a highly sought-after profession. If you’ve thought about making the leap, up-skilling with UX design tutorials is a great way to get started. 

What is UX Design? 

UX design, or user experience design, has moved from being a buzzword to a mainstay for any company. ‘User experience’ essentially describes how a customer interacts with your brand – whether you are a product, system, or service. UX design, then, refers to creating a process that offers users a seamless, positive experience. 

What does a UX designer do?

The UX designer is the brains behind creating this frictionless UX process. The role looks at making the user experience as enjoyable and accessible as possible and easy. While this role is often associated with website or app design, it’s now used more broadly across business functions. Good UX design can significantly impact a brand’s success or failure (not to mention improved SEO and possibilities within the metaverse).

How to Become a UX Designer

UX designers must create prototypes and mockups, have an eye for visual design and a knack for different design software, and be adept at user research and testing. If this sounds like you, you might be wondering, how do you acquire the technical skills to become a UX designer? UX design tutorials are your answer.

And where to find them, you ask? Envato Tuts+ is a learning hub full of free tutorials at your disposal. You can also look at UX design tools for beginners or top UX tips from those already working in the space. But for now, we’ve rounded up ten tutorials to tackle first.

How to Become a UX Designer: Top 10 UX Design Tutorials on Tuts+

1. What is UX Design?

First up, this tutorial by Sharon Onyinye covers all the basics – what UX design is, what it’s made up of, and the skills you need to execute it successfully. From a step-by-step on the UX design process to a list of technical and soft skills and possibly daily tasks of a UX designer, this tutorial gives a comprehensive overview.

2. Fundamentals of UX Design

Diving a little deeper in this tutorial, Sarah Kahn brings her industry experience to the fore to take you through the trickier aspects of the process. From the anatomy of a webpage to getting user feedback, this guide will have you up-to-date with UX design concepts in no time. 

3. Demystifying the UX Design Process

Demystifying the UX Design Process

Wondering how different design methods play into each step of your UX process? In this handy tutorial, Joanne Ngai helps take the mystery out of UX design in this handy tutorial. She’ll show you how to take those soft skills – empathy and innovation – and turn them into seeing through the eyes of the end-user. 

4. Adobe XD for Beginners

Adobe XD is a one-stop solution for designing websites and apps for UX and UI. If you’ve been looking to learn how to use Adobe XD, web design instructor Adi Purdila has you covered. Even as a beginner, in this comprehensive tutorial, you’ll progress from basics to more advanced skills, all the way up to working with Adobe XD auto-animate. 

5. Web Design for Beginners (Epic Free Course!)

Another one from Adi Purdila, this tutorial is for those new to web design. Epic in its approach, this course will teach you everything you need to know. Really! We mean everything from color and typography to working with wireframes. 

6. Simplicity in UX Design

Simplicity in UX Design

Remember, the endgame of good UX design is always keeping things as easy as possible for the user. So while your new skills will take you further into creating sophisticated and more complex UX design, don’t lose sight of simplicity. This tutorial gives a little refresher on good, clean design principles. 

7. UX Design Process: Problem Solving and Testing

ess: Problem Solving and Testing

Featuring another vital lesson from designer, writer, and illustrator Joanna Ngai, this tutorial is a handy reminder that what you need to know to start your design process is the problem your users want to solve. For this, an iterative design process is critical – and this tutorial explains exactly what that is.

8. Becoming a UX Developer

After getting stuck into some of these skills, you might wonder what it takes to become a UX developer and how you can advocate for your trade once you’ve stepped into the role. In this tutorial, Paul Boag shows you all there is to think about in the job in four parts.

9. Why the Secret of Good UX Design is Savings User’s Time

Why the Secret of Good UX Design is Savings User's Time

It seems like a good ethos in any creative role: don’t waste time. But in this tutorial, Paul Boag will take you through exactly why you shouldn’t waste your time as a UX designer or your users’ time on the end product. Learn how to balance your needs with the user and make the best of your time. 

10. Choosing UX Design Tools

Choosing UX Design Tools

To go forth as a UX designer after all of these different tutorials, what you should look to next is building up your toolkit. In this tutorial, Joanna Ngai will take you through considerations for selecting all the right tools, including both classics and new ones to experiment with.

And that’s our top 10 picks, from understanding the user’s mindset to the qualities you should have in mind as a designer and the tools needed to execute the job. 

For more free tutorials and online courses, head over to Envato Tuts+ and start browsing topics. 

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