Top 10 Podcast Music Tracks 2020

Looking to tune up your podcast? Feast your ears on our hand-picked selection of the top 10 podcast music tracks.

Top 10 Podcast Music Tracks
Portrait for Alex BrownBy Alex Brown  |  Updated November 26, 2020

From the opening notes of the Serial theme tune to the guitar riff that introduces WTF with Marc Maron, a good podcast music track becomes synonymous with the show itself. That’s why you should take the time to select your podcast intro music. Luckily we’ve done some of the hard work for you with this curation of 10 of the best tracks on Envato Elements.

Why Do I Need Podcast Music?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into glossy 80’s pop or techno so minimal Marie Kondo would think twice before throwing it out. The fact is, whenever you hit play on a track that you love, your brain releases a cartload of a chemical called “dopamine”. Dopamine regulates pleasure, motivation, arousal, and addiction. It’s also the chemical that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever The Simpsons theme song kicks in, or the welcome sense of dread when the Game of Thrones one does.

Iconic themes, interludes, and motifs get dopamine receptors firing like crazy because these sounds are tightly associated with the moments of joy, excitement, laughter, and entertainment experienced in the course of a show. 

Podcast music is important for the exact same reasons. If you’ve got a memorable, professionally-produced track leading into a fantastic pod (check out our ultimate guide to creating a podcast for help nailing that bit), you’re building the kind of two-way positive association that will keep your audience nodding along and coming back for more each week.

The same applies to a well-chosen music motif or outro track (see Mixkit’s awesome roster of free stock music for some inspiration). Use podcast music to set the scene, build an atmosphere, and propel your podcast with enough energy and charisma to reach the audience it deserves!

How Are Podcasts Using Music Effectively?

Now you know what’s at stake, it’s time to crib a little inspiration from the pioneers of podcast audio in 2020. Keep It is a podcast with a reputation for witty, offbeat interventions in the world of pop culture and politics (with a healthy dose of shade thrown in for good measure). The sparky and infectious vibe of the show is artfully conveyed with a jazzy earworm peppered with glitchy synths and old school vocal samples. Bristling with hooks enough to service an abattoir, this energetic theme grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the pod is through.

Looking for something weightier? The award-winning true crime trailblazers behind Serial achieve the same thrilling harmony between musical motif and thematic content with their dark, suspenseful intro. Those tip-toeing, high-pitched piano stabs followed by a thunderous, downsampled drumbeat are a dead giveaway that you’re about to be riveted to your headphones for the next several weeks.

World class podcasts use music in unexpected ways, too. Beyond introducing and seeing each show out in style, music is additionally used to bookend ad breaks and separate distinct sections of a podcast. The trick is to experiment with the format and find out what works for you.

How To Choose Podcast Music

The most important thing is that the music vibes with and elevates your content, because what works for a podcast on vikings often works less well for one on K-pop. And although only you can know for sure which beat is destined to soundtrack your podcast, it can be hard knowing where to get started with such a huge range of tracks to choose from.

Luckily for you, our Content Specialist for Audio, Adrien Gardiner has lovingly hand-picked our ten greatest podcast-ready tunes to get you on the road to podded audio stardom. So, without further ado, here is our selection of the top ten podcast music tracks. Enjoy!

10. Vintage Funk Background by quitarsstate

Get up (get on up) and stay on the scene (like a podcasting machine) with this timeless and energetic combination of vintage organs, syncopated guitars, and funky breakbeats. We can imagine a commuter or two tapping toes on the 07:47 train to this one, can you?

9. New Wave Break Out by SunChannelMusic

This kinetic, youthful track packs a punch, that’s for sure. Jagged guitars, insistent drums, and a propulsive bassline make this one a surefire hit for fans of indie rock and new wave. If that sounds at all like your audience, it’s safe to say you can stop right here.

8. A Cinematic Piano by alexbird

This atmospheric piano-driven piece is perfect for podcasts that tackle serious issues head-on. Investigative reporting, current affairs, or documentary podcasts are sure to benefit from the drama and gravitas that this track provides in spades.

7. Three Variations Stinger by Dirtyflint

A collection of five beautifully chopped-up, glitched-out retro-futuristic idents and logos that are perfect for any podcast with an audience of tuned-in, forward-facing cyberpunks and technophiles.

6. Abstract Glitch Inspiration by LFMusic

An arrangement that’s as fresh and percussive as spring rain on a moving car. This sophisticated piece could serve beautifully in any number of podcast genres, but we like to think it’s particularly well suited as a palate cleansing motif that recurs between podcast segments.

5. Upbeat Podcast Intro by JBlanks

We can’t get enough of this 80’s inflected synth-pop banger. It is genuinely almost too catchy. If you’re looking to evoke worn-out cassette tapes and sun-soaked polaroids, this optimistic little gem was born to be the intro for your podcast.

4. American by IvanLuzan

Put a perxoide-white, all-American smile on listeners’ faces with this guitar-laden, 90’s alt-rock anthem. We can see this one working especially well with sports, pop culture, or business themed podcasts.

3. Bright Motivation by Dredstudio

Working on a podcast on current affairs, politics, or technology? Give the BBC a run for its money and perk up your audience with the rousing strings and ambient percussion of this intelligent and flexible podcast theme .

2. Soft Inspiring Background Ambient by Manriquedelara

Fluffy and inviting as a stack of pillows in a five-star hotel, this gorgeous ambient theme is the perfect backdrop for any podcast created to help listeners unwind after a hard day’s work.

1. What The Fun by soundroll

Comedy and entertainment podcasters, listen up! If it’s in your interest to have your listenership grinning for no discernible reason before the hosts have uttered a word, well, this eccentric theme might just be the right choice for you.

Get all this and more with a subscription to Envato Elements!

So there you have it. Ten tracks so irresistible you’ll be humming podcast music in the shower for the rest of the week. Like what you hear? Get unlimited access to each and every one of the themes featured in our list with a subscription to Envato Elements.

Still hungry for ideas? We’ve got a rundown with your name all over it. Check out our video on the 10 Best Podcast Music Tracks 2019. Interested in making it big as a stock musician? Check out how to become a stock music bestseller on AudioJungle.

For more creative inspiration, head over to the Elements Blog to read up on the latest trends, tips, interviews and roundups

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