08 Video Advertising

From picking a placement to creating a video ad, find tips, tricks and inspiration to ensure your next campaign performs as expected.

What is Video

Video advertising refers to ads that use videos and run before and/or after an internet video stream. The beauty of video advertising is that videos can be relatively inexpensive to make and, once posted, can stay online attracting views indefinitely, even when you’ve stopped promoting the content with ads.

Pick a Placement

In-Stream Ads

What is it?

In-stream video ads play within a video player and appear before, during, or after a piece of video content.

Why use it?

They’re a great type of ad to use if you want to increase visibility and brand awareness because audience-based targeting on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook makes it especially easy to deliver relevant ads to the right audience.


Out-Stream Ads

What is it?

Out-stream video ads exist independently of video players, in various places on a website page. For example, within paragraphs of text, in sidebars, on corners of pages, etc. They start playing on mute once they’re partially or wholly visible to the user and pause when they’re out of view.

Why use it?

These types of video ads can expand your reach across the internet. Out-stream ads can work out as great value for money as advertisers are only charged when someone sees their video play to the end, or for a predetermined period of time.

Interactive Ads

What is it?

Interactive video ads allow viewers to interact with the ad in various ways, from clicking for more information, to finding a store’s location, to signing up for a newsletter, and more.

Why use it?

Brands are using these interactive features on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to achieve marketing goals like increased sales and/or web traffic.


Overlay Video Ads

What is it?

Overlay video ads are usually found as banners at the bottom of a video screen, where they run simultaneously with other video content. When the ad is clicked, the other video content pauses and the ad opens in a full screen player.

Why use it?

These types of ads are often found on YouTube and are great for brand recognition because they piggyback on videos that offer complementary content, for example a luggage ad for someone watching a travel video.

In-Banner Video Ads

What is it?

In-banner video ads are banners with videos embedded in them and are found on a wide variety of websites.

Why use it?

They are more effective than static banner ads and are a great way to increase brand visibility.

News Feed Video Ads

What is it?

News feed video ads are found in-feed on both Facebook and Instagram. They play automatically on mute when users scroll through their feeds. If a user clicks the mute button the sound will play.

Why use it?

These types of ads are great for increasing sales, as well as brand recognition.

Using Video in Campaigns

If you’ve been hesitant about taking the plunge into using video in advertising, here are a few reasons why you should go for it.

01Communication is Powerful

With its winning combination of images, sound and sometimes text, video stimulates the senses, engages the emotions, and communicates complex ideas quickly and easily.

02People Prefer Video

72% of people say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a video rather than by reading text, and 79% say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a piece of software or an app.

03It’s Good to Share

48% of people said they’d be most likely to share video content with their friends, ahead of any other type of content.

04Video Drives Sales

83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI. In addition, the Aberdeen Group found that marketers who use video grow company revenue 49% faster each year than companies who aren’t using video for marketing.

05Everybody’s Doing It

87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and this is up from 63% over the last year.

How to Create Effective Video Ad Campaigns

As a solopreneur or small business owner, you probably have a limited budget for advertising. This makes it critical that you use your money wisely to create the most effective ad campaign possible, that you can distribute through several channels. Here are the five most important keys to creating an effective video ad campaign:

Start With a Plan

You can’t create an effective ad campaign without a solid plan. Before you set about creating any content, you need to identify your goals and objectives for the campaign, and how you intend to achieve them. Determine factors like location, actors, equipment and wardrobe required, as well as schedule and budget, and keep these details front and center throughout the process.

Write a Script

Think of your script as your guide to keeping you on track and hitting all the points you want to cover in your ad.

Get to the Point

As with most social media content, your advertising video should be designed to have maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. If you take too long to get to the point, your audience will just bypass your ad and move on to something more compelling. So keep your video under 30 seconds and make it attention-grabbing.

Use Tools

You really don’t have to break the bank to create a successful ad campaign, you just need smart thinking and smart tools, like Placeit´s Video Maker or these excellent video templates from Envato Elements, which can take the headache out of the post-production process.

Include a CTA

Your customers need a reason to click through to your point of sale or special landing page from your ad, so lure them in with an offer they can’t refuse.

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What Next?

Next up, in Chapter 9: Video Tools, we cover the best and most indispensable video marketing tools available today.