Royalty-Free Music for YouTube

The right music can make or break a YouTube video. Whether you’re a professional vlogger, amateur gamer, or hobby filmmaker, music can elevate your video projects, evoking emotion in your audience, adding context, and reinforcing your brand.

Unfortunately, you can’t just download the latest hit and apply it to your video—copyright rules apply on YouTube. You’ll need to have permission to use any audio or video content you publish on the platform.

At Envato Elements, our royalty-free music library is 100% safe for YouTube and covers a vast range of genres, styles, and categories. If you’re a YouTuber looking for creator-safe music tracks, explore our library and start creating with confidence.

Why Do YouTubers Use Royalty-Free Music?

YouTube has strict rules around using copyrighted audio and video files without permission and an advanced system for policing them. The punishment for breaking these rules can be harsh, so many YouTubers use royalty-free music to create video content safely.

Royalty-free music downloads come with a license certificate that clearly outlines the users’ permissions. Should copyright claims arise on YouTube, you can upload the license to clear these claims before any penalties are applied to your video. If copyright notices aren’t resolved, videos can be blocked, muted, taken down, or have ads run against them.

YouTubers love the quality and breadth of royalty-free music libraries, which offer a one-stop shop for all kinds of channels. No matter what type of video you’re creating, royalty-free music can help bring it to life.

Benefits of Royalty-Free Music

Peace of mind

Royalty-free music from Envato Elements is safe to use on YouTube, so you can create with confidence.


With thousands of tracks to choose from, there’s something for every YouTuber—no matter what your niche.

Professional quality

Royalty-free music is created by expert musicians and composers to give your project a professional edge.

Top Background Music Tracks for YouTube

Strike a balance between ambient and engaging with these top background music tracks—perfect for YouTube.
Characterized by repeating loops and artistic imperfections, LoFi makes for excellent background music. This ambient LoFi track is well suited to vlogs, hauls, and reviews.
The right backing track can make your YouTube video shine. Ensure your audience remains engaged with this bright, clean, and futuristic music track.
This subtle piano track is simple yet inspiring, making it the perfect choice for travel vlogs, photomontages, motivational videos, and tutorials.

Top Music Tracks for YouTube Vlogs

Looking to take your vlog to the next level? Explore these top tunes for YouTubers.
No matter what your niche is, this boom bap music track can help bring your next vlog to life. It’s bright, upbeat, and funky, making it the perfect choice for all kinds of vloggers.
An abstract electronic beat that’s well suited to intros, trailers, and transitions. Use the full track or take a sample to break up segments and create brand recognition.
Take your subscribers on a journey with this atmospheric audio tune. It’s equally suited to photomontages and intros, as it is background music while talking to the camera.

Top Music Tracks for YouTube Intros

Start your next video with a bang! We’ve collated the top music tracks for YouTube intros.
Make a statement on YouTube with this powerful intro track. Perfect for cinematic short films, gamer videos, teaser trailers, and detective stories.
Build suspense and create mystery with Trap Intro Logo. At 30 seconds in duration, it’s ideal for a quick intro, trailer, or powerful logo reveal.
A simple instrumental piece that’s well suited to documentaries and corporate presentations. Pair it with motivational or emotional footage for optimal impact.

How to Use Royalty-Free Music on YouTube

Bring your video content to life with royalty-free music that’s 100% safe for YouTube.

Royalty-free music allows YouTubers to create with confidence. An extensive music library like Envato Elements provides a huge breadth of tracks and means you’re covered should copyright notices crop up.

With an Envato Elements subscription, you’ll have access to 116,000+ music tracks that are safe to use on YouTube. When you download an audio track, you’ll receive a license certificate, which you can use to clear any copyright claims that may arise. If your uploads are flagged for using copyrighted audio, you can simply upload the certificate to remove this notice quickly and easily.

Royalty-Free Music Collections

Grab and hold your audience’s attention with these top royalty-free music tracks.
Looking to make your video feel fresh? Serious? Classy? Here’s our selection of the 10 best YouTube music tracks—for whatever mood you want to create.
From hip-hop to happy, we’ve put together a YouTube playlist with some of the best royalty-free music tracks for video creators. Start listening now!
Need a track for your specific niche? We’ve got you covered! In this list, we’ll break down the best tunes for travel, gaming, fashion, fitness, and more.


Envato Elements offers more than 116,000 royalty-free music tracks with a monthly or annual subscription. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to every music track in our library with unlimited downloads, all of which can be used for YouTube.
Yes! All audio tracks downloaded from Envato Elements are covered by one simple license, which allows them to be used on YouTube and for other commercial purposes.
Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system creators use to identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. When you upload a video to YouTube, it’s compared with audio and video files registered with Content ID to check for matches. When a video is matched to a file registered with Content ID, a copyright notice will appear on the video.

If you don’t have permission to use the video or audio file, the content owner can take specific actions, including monetizing the video by running ads against it, muting any audio that matches their music, or blocking the entire video. If a copyright notice has appeared, but you do have permission to use a file, you will be prompted to upload your license or usage certificate to YouTube, and the claim should disappear.
Music in the public domain is generally copyright-free and can be used on YouTube. However, the selection is minimal. To avoid copyright breaches, many creators use YouTube’s Audio Library, which features a library of music tracks that can be used without attribution. While these tracks can be used and monetized on YouTube, it’s important to note that they are not copyright-free—the copyright remains with the original owner or creator.

More Royalty-Free Music

Explore professional royalty-free music on Envato Elements, composed to suit a range of creative projects.

The right music might be exactly what your podcast is missing. Explore 2000+ audio tracks on Envato Elements, specifically designed to engage listeners and help your show stand out.

Who said corporate projects have to be boring? Create a memorable presentation, report, training document, or brand video with our ever-growing library of corporate music tracks.

Background music can support your storyline, create a mood and evoke emotion. Explore royalty-free background music for videos, podcasts, slideshows, and more on Envato Elements.

Used with Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free music is just one part of production. Explore additional digital assets commonly used by YouTubers.
Create content with ease, thanks to our library of video templates. There are thousands of templates to explore on Envato Elements, from shorts to stories and long-form videos.
Need to fill a gap? Or set the scene with a bit of b-roll? Explore our extensive library of stock video and motion graphics—there’s something for every YouTuber in every niche.

Music and sound effects go hand in hand. Whether it’s a doorbell ringing, a crowd cheering, or a spacecraft launch, we’ve got thousands of sounds to complement your music choice.

More for YouTubers

Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced YouTuber, Envato Elements has everything you need for a successful channel.

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Why YouTubers Love Envato Elements

Premiere Gal
“The best thing about Envato Elements for video creators is the easy licensing and unlimited downloads for each new project. Plus, you can use it for any type of video! Elements just takes that extra stress away from having to spend hours designing something new. Creators today don’t have time for that, or they need to hire someone to do it for them.”

Premiere Gal, YouTuber

“If Batman was an artist, Envato Elements would be his Batarang. It’s the most effective tool I use when prepping a new piece of art or a video. The graphics, video templates, sound effects, and music assets are useful to any budding YouTuber wanting to add a professional polish to their new channel or video.”

Phase Runner, YouTuber

Why You'll Love Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads

When we say unlimited, we mean it. Enjoy access to our complete music library with a monthly Envato Elements subscription.

Simple licensing for YouTube

All assets are royalty-free and covered by one simple license, so you can create content with confidence.

New assets added daily

Deliver on-trend projects with access to our music library. With new tracks added daily, there’s always something to inspire.

Cancel anytime

Canceling your subscription is quick and simple—no strings attached. If it’s not right for you, we won’t waste your time.

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